Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Week as a Solo Artist

My first week as a solo artist has already passed!  I played two shows this week - one at Yoga Loft in Conover, NC, and one at Bootlegger's in Hickory, NC.  Both shows were tons 'o fun.

It has been refreshing to strip down my original songs and covers to one vocal and one acoustic guitar.  Performing & writing this way is making me focus more on chord progressions, melody, vocal performance, and lyrics.  This is a switch for me since I normally sing a few lyrics and then go to town on my stratocaster :)  I'm also excited about being more flexible as a solo artist.  I will be able to create music and content faster than ever, and share it with everyone via social media.  

Thanks to everyone who liked my facebook page this week.  It means a lot!  Stay tuned for things to come!


PS - I'm searching for more songs to cover at bar gigs.  Do you have any suggestions?

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